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The Warrington Poems

Pyracantha Press • 1989

The Warrington Poems was printed with the encouragement of the Arizona State University Centennial Commission in the Pyrcantha Press, the book arts press of the ASU School of Art. The Stempel Optima type was handset by printer Dan Mayer with various assistance from Colleen Oakes, Gordon Fluke, Gene Valentine, and Cas Bezanson. The paper for thirty-five hardbound copies, numbered 1 through 35, was handmade at the Press by Dan Mayer, Colleen Oakes, and John Risseeuw from cotton rags donated by the author and other participants. The paper for one hundred twenty softbound copies, numbered 36 through 155, is Rives Heavyweight. Twenty-five Roman-numbered proof copies were distributed to the author and press personnel. The bindings were executed at the Campbell-Logan Bindery, Minneapolis. All work was completed by the Fall of 1989.

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